Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Olympics!!

Of course one Thing I Love is the Olympics!! Who doesn't enjoy the world coming together to watch men on skates spin while wearing ruffles and sequins, then two minutes later watch Shaun White fly to the moon?!

Some people say that figure skating and snowboarding are examples of non-sports that are in the Olympics. Granted, snowboarding is one of the rare sports where the athletes get to listen to their iPods while competing, but other sports use music to help them out, so who am I to begrudge them that right? I happen to think that these are sports. They happen to have some artistry involved and are subjective, but they require athleticism in order to be successful. How does this make figure skating different from ballet? Well, ballet isn't really judged, now is it? They have auditions, but their performances aren't judged. Start judging ballet and I'll be happy to call it a sport as well.

I love the Olympics for moments like Lindsey Vonn winning the gold medal last night. She had me in tears with her excitement and the sheer joy that winning the gold medal brought her. To put on a run like that with her bruised shin and the amount of pain she must have been in was incredible to say the least. It may not be the smartest move, but most people push through things they shouldn't in order to work towards something that has been their life goal.

And Shaun White. There are no words. I have never watched snowboarding before in my life and I just cannot believe how incredible he is! He must store some jet packs in his bindings somewhere to go that high! His conservative run was miles ahead of all the others. It's just amazing!! I'm also jealous of his gorgeous hair.

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