Saturday, January 30, 2010


I've just been talking with some friends about Dexter. My brother showed me an episode of this show on Christmas Eve. I was disturbed even by the introduction and theme song. Can you say "creepiest breakfast ever?!!?" I wasn't sure I wanted to get sucked into this show, but on New Year's Day I decided to check Netflix to see if any of it was online and saw the first two seasons. I started watching and was hooked. A week later I had finished watching all four seasons!

This is what I love about Dexter:

1. Michael C. Hall is hot.

2. They have done an extremely good job of helping you empathize with a serial killer. We get to see a human side to him, although he doesn't see it himself. We get to see the events that caused Dexter to turn out to be the way he is, from the trauma he experienced as a toddler, to his adoptive father teaching him "The Code of Harry," by which Dexter lives his life. Rule #1: Don't get caught.

3. The storyline. Each season focuses around one central serial killer. Somehow, although even Dexter's girlfriend (and later, wife) and sister can't see him for who he really is, there is one person each season who figures out his secret "Dark Passenger." I find myself cheering for the sociopathic serial killer to not get caught by the police because: 1. He's hot, 2. At least he's only killing people who have also murdered, right? 3. It would probably mean the end of the show, 4. There's a part of me who really wants to believe Dexter is a good person in there, although I know that's probably not really true.

4. It just keeps getting better. Season 3 was not the best, but Season 4 was incredible with John Lithgow deserving his Golden Globe for his performance as The Trinity Killer. This is the stuff nightmares are made of, yet I hate scary movies and love this show. This season was filled with some of the best acting ever.

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