Monday, January 25, 2010

Faerie Made

Today one of my friends took a huge digger down her stairs at home. She was complaining about her muscles, so I told her about one of my Things I Love: Faerie Made Arnica Muscle Rub!! Which, of course, meant I just had to tell her about another one of my Things I Love: Faerie Made Lip Balm!! So, guess who placed an order for Faerie Made Arnica Muscle Rub and Faerie Made Hemp Lip Balm today? If you guessed me you'd be right!

I didn't take these pictures, and I want to be fair to the woman who makes Faerie Made products because she is a small woman-owned and operated business, so I am just posting a link to her website. She also sells on Etsy.

So, why do I love these things so much? Well, the Arnica Muscle Rub is something I had read about on a forum that I belong to, which just so happens to be the forum where I found out about Faerie Made products. People were posting about the wonderful healing powers of Arnica and were raving about this muscle rub. They said it also helps bruises. Last May, my ex was running and ran right onto my foot, bruising it and I couldn't walk. I decided to try the rub and ordered some. It just so happened that I ended up taking a huge digger and getting a gigantic bruise on my side, and big, but not so dark one on my leg right when the muscle rub came in. I tried the muscle rub on the darker bruise. It was gone in a couple of days, when the bruise that was larger but barely visible hung around for about a week and a half. Also, any time my muscles are sore, I just put on some of this rub and it takes the pain away. The only problem is it smells a bit mentholy, but it's a miracle worker, so I just deal.

The lip balm? What's so special about that? Well, I'm a lip balm addict. I had tried a bunch of different kinds and ended up going with just Chap Stick® brand for a while. When I placed an order for the muscle rub, I figured I might as well try her lip balm and threw in a peppermint lip balm as well. I have not used another lip balm since then! This lip balm gets a little too soft in my pocket on warm days, but not too bad. It glides on easy, leaves a bit of a shine on my lips but doesn't feel like gloss (I don't love gloss), and I don't have to use nearly as much of it as I do the commercial brands. I can go a few hours between applications of this stuff, not so much with the other brands I've tried.

I've tried her soaps, and they're nice but I'm not a bar soap person. I'd definitely use these for hand soap, though! They are quite moisturizing for bar soap, too.

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