Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mad City Soap/Mad City Sue

I love to make bath and body products, but sometimes I don't feel like making them, or sometimes I want a product in a fragrance I don't have and don't want to order a bottle of fragrance oil. When that happens, I turn to stores and e-tailers. I'm a scaredy cat when it comes to trying some of these e-tailers. I once ordered from an e-tailer, who had a lot of good recommendations, and I was turned pink from the bath fizz! She immediately refunded me my money when I e-mailed her and sent her pictures, but admitted she hadn't tested the new dye.

One e-tailer from whom I've ordered several times and not had any problems is Mad City Sue on Etsy. Her products are scented strongly enough that I can smell it on myself all day, but I haven't had anyone tell me the scent is too strong. Her sugar scrubs are so moisturizing that even my super dry skin doesn't need moisturizer after using it. The scrubs are the perfect consistency to exfoliate well, be scoopable, and not make a mess everywhere. I also love her iCream (a little goes a LONG way) and her shower parfaits.

Note: She doesn't sell meltable products over the summer because they melt, so some products will be leaving her site for a few months soon.

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